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School Council visit County Hall for UK Parliament Week

As part of UK Parliament week our Key Stage 2 School Councillors were invited to County Hall to take part in a debate with their peers.

We met Councillor Linda Chilton, Chairman of Derbyshire County Council. Councillor Ann Elliott, Mayor of Matlock and Councillor Jason Atkin, Elected member for Derwent Valley. They told us all about the different roles and responsibilities of different types of council and how to become a councillor.


The topic of the debate was ‘Should there be a law to ban children from using tablets and mobile devices for an hour before bedtime?’ There were compelling arguments for and against the motion, including being able to facetime family who you don’t see very often and being able to scroll through photos to remind themselves of happy memories and on the other side the negative effects the blue light has on the brain, tricking it into thinking its still daytime and making it difficult to sleep.

The vote was unanimous, the children don’t think that there should be a law banning mobile devices!

Thanks to Darley Churchtown for organising the event and to everyone who made us feel very welcome during our visit.

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