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Meet the Governors

They are an amazing group of people who give their time freely to support and continually move the school forward, wanting the very best for every child and the community.

Supported by a Clerk, the governing committee is made up of local people, each committing themselves to serve terms of four years. There are four types of governor: Parent Governors, Co-opted Governors, Staff Governors and Associate Governors. Between them they have a good knowledge of pupils, staff, school priorities, local issues and the relevant experience in supporting the leadership and management of the school. With the Headteacher, they ensure there is a continuous drive for improvement and accountability for outcomes.

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Clare Peat
Started 15/04/13

Sue Jones
Chair of Governors
Co-opted Governor
Started 13/10/15

Val Woollven

Vice Chair of Governors
Parental Engagement & Community
Co-opted Governor
Started 13/03/19

Jenny Downing
Health and Safety
Regeneration Project
Co-opted Governor
Started 17/07/19

Betty Littlewood
Co-opted Governor
Started 29/12/09

Pearl Dunn
Cultural Diversity
Co-opted Governor
Started 17/07/19

Amelia Stanyard

Staff Governor
Started 18/11/20

Helen Weightman Edge
Mental Health
Co-opted Governor
Started 24/06/20

Laura Sainsbury

Parent Governor

Started 18/11/20

Allison Potter

Clerk to Governors


We have a vacancy for a Parent Governor on our Governing Body. Details are below:

vacancy letter

nomination form

Contact the Governors

Clerk to Governors, Allison Potter

Chair of Governors, Sue Jones

Previous Governors

Nick Hersey, Parent Governor, left 23rd July 2021.

Amie Wilton, Staff Governor, left 18th November 2020.

Leanne Ryder, Parent Governor, left 4th March 2020.

Neil Moulden, Co-opted Governor, left 12th February 2020.

Jess Barton, Parent Governor, left 11th September 2019.

Helen Boocock, Co-opted Governor, left 23rd July 2019.

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