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The Apprentice

The year 5 and 6 class spent last term evaluating fresh food products. This involved them taste testing a range of sandwiches, bagels, flatbreads and oatcakes with a combination of fillings.

They then had to decide on which product they would need to make (from scratch), market and produce. Last week saw them present to the Dragon’s. The Dragon’s in the Den were Sarah Willingham (aka Leanne Ryder), Peter Jones (aka Mr Rees) and Deborah Meaden (aka Mrs Peat).

The children, in teams, presented their pitch, profit forecasts, business plans and products for tasting. There were salmon and cream cheese bagels, a meat feast and even lamb and salsa flatbreads. It was fantastic.

The Dragon’s were very challenging and struggled to decide which would receive the £100 investment needed for set up costs. The winning team had their signage and logo linked directly to their product, the flavours were a taste explosion and they were able to demonstrate a strong long term business plan. The overall winners, after much deliberation, were ’Fire in the hole’.

The children will now work as a team, launching their new busi-ness at the Sports Day on Friday 1st July. We will only know if their bagel is successful if they sell out! So please have purses and wallets at the ready. They are already seeking further marketing advice and are even considering offering a meal deal option!

It was great fun and the children were fantastic and extremely professional. Well done to all of them for all their creations and hard work.

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